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2020-03-19 SEMINARIO DE LA UEMS-CAPS. Utrecht

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Save the date and join us for our Seminar: CAP Training across Europe; the 3rd Pan-European Child
and Adolescent Psychiatry Trainers Seminar: Thursday 19th March 11:00 – Friday 20th March 17:00,
at the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands.
Are you training, supervising and mentoring CAP trainees? Are you building the future of our
wonderful profession by passing on knowledge, skills and wisdom to trainees? Do you still find
yourself learning every day and wondering how to be an even more inspiring and balanced trainer?
We offer an international perspective on solutions and fresh ideas for CAP training, the chance to
learn from other EU colleagues and have them share in what you learned.
If you are a trainer or organise CAP training, the Section of UEMS-CAP would like to invite you to the
second UEMS-CAP Seminar for trainers and training department directors. Our goal is to exchange
and enhance knowledge across the EU on the CAP training curriculum, organisation, new techniques
in teaching and evaluation.
The program will combine general plenary presentations, working groups as well as the opportunity
to provide a 45 minute lecture in our parallel program for local trainees. We are counting on all
attendees to help us with their inspiration and contribution to this meeting to help it become a really
fruitful success.
Depending on GDP of your country of origin the attendance fee will 50 – 100 euros. This will include
lunch and coffee breaks. We have a maximum capacity of 3 attendees for each EU country and a
maximum of 50 attendees. In case more than 3 attendees from 1 country show interest, we will put
them on a list and let them know at a later stage whether or not we still have a spot available (to
enable participation from as many different countries as possible).
To express an interest, please fill out this form:
Questions regarding participation or the seminar can be send to:
Brian Jacobs, President of the Board:
Questions regarding accommodation and logistics can be send to:
Are you unable to cover for travel expenses but interested to attend? Please send us a letter
explaining your reasons including your country of origin and a few lines why you feel you should be
able to attend and apply for a travel bursary of up to 500 euros.
We will settle the programme and whether we can offer you a place as soon as possible.